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Mid Year Letter 2018

July 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2018!  It’s been a busy year here at I.W.I.N.

Due to strong collaborations with our referral partners (social workers, physicians and nurse navigators) we have women utilizing our services in all 92 counties in the state of Indiana and we have delivered over $1.9 million dollars in support. 

Women tell us every day that help from I.W.I.N. improved their overall quality of life and gave them the relief they desperately needed during their treatment for breast cancer.

“Your foundation alleviated the worries of being able to get back and forth from the doctor and work.  I can focus on more important matters, like getting through treatment.  You will never understand how much this means to me and my family.” Terrie, 33, married mother of 3

Many of our program recipients are young employed mothers, like Terrie, but they are also students living away from home, single women, widows and grandparents raising their grandchildren. Although each woman’s journey is unique, the one thing they have in common is that they are all committed to completing their treatment and getting well again, but the road is often so rough.

We continue to receive a growing number of requests for assistance from women throughout the state.  In fact, we receive, on average, 50 applications per month.  The need for assistance is just that great.  Getting through cancer is just that tough.

This year we have a goal to enter 575 individuals into our program, but as you can see we are receiving more requests than we’ve goaled for.  Our vision is to support every individual in need undergoing breast cancer treatment in Indiana and I hope we can count on your continued support.    

At I.W.I.N., we recognize that it takes a village to provide the support we do to women with breast cancer.  We simply could not do it alone. On behalf of our team at I.W.I.N. and the women we serve, thank you for helping us build our village and for giving these women the strength they need to endure.                                                                                                
With warm regards,

Nancy Shepard, R.N. 



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